Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2007

english WIP part 3 and new arrivals

My clapotis grows! Take a look:

The lower edge is 120cm/47" long, the upper one 80cm/31". I nearly finished the straight rows and soon I can begin with the decrease rows :)

Today, one package arrived. What will be in it? Its from China:

Will this be my new bamboo knitting needles?

Yay, the DPNs and

the circs.
The DPNs are from US 0-5 and the circs from US0-15, length is 100cm/39". How great and smooth the cables are! They are made out of flexible plastic tubes, what a great idea! I fell in love :)

I had to try them, so I began knitting for the hokies:

The yarn is Lana Grossa Multicot, 60% cotton and 40% Microfiber (Acrylic). The pattern is an easy double pearl sample. I do it the first time and its great!
I'd do one more in black, maybe in single pearl.

Sunday, I bought the actual knit.1 and vogueknitting at the central station. The magazines are so great! Lots of infos and techniques, also american yarn markets, etc. So I had to buy some more in an onlineshop, soon some backissue mags like interweave and knit.1 will arrive. Can't wait!

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