Freitag, 11. Mai 2007

Yay me! Knitting in english FOs

Yay, I finished my clapotis last Monday, but had no time to block it. Pictures will follow!
But here are some pitures, my boyfriend made of me last Sunday on the german Kotei of Legend of the Five Rings in Nuremberg:

Please ignore my grin :)

The clap is really awesome, tomorrow, I got the time to block it and show some photos. My camera doesn't take very good pictures, so I have to wait until there is enough light outside.

The last needles are ordered from ebay, now I have enough bambooneddles. Every size, every length, every type.

For my mommy' mother's day I knit a Saturday market bag with some changes from this post on blogspot.
I use a cotton yarn, Assuan from Schewe in lilac. The body is already knit, now I do the straps.

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