Freitag, 22. Juni 2007

wristwarmers and Addi turbos

Today I practiced my skills in fair isle or stranded color. I thought my fingers had to break :) But after a lot of practicing, it worked. Yay me for doing 2x2 rib in 2 colours!

Can you see the background? Its the lime&violet blog, and I listen to the podcast everytime I knit! Its very much fun to listen to!

Therefore I bought 2 Addi turbos in 2,5mm/80cm. OMG! I will never give them away! So smooth and flexible! Thanks  for giving the hint! Also to do some Zokni Socks on two circs, end of the second sock curse!

And I finished a skull wristwarmer for my boy:

A little bit too big for me, but it has to fit him :)

It's now drying on a bottle, which I use to block it *g*
I hope he'll like it.

And today my swift arrived, I'm so excited! It works well and soon, I'm gonna reskein everything *ggg*

On the internet I found a substitude for cascade 220 in Germany, its Drops desings Alaska, I'm gonna use it for a felted knitting tote. (It's not that I don't have enough bags ;) ) Cascade is a bit too expensive in Germany.

But first I have to finish the second monkey sock, maybe I do it with the Addis! I fell in love! Addi = ©

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