Donnerstag, 16. August 2007

knitlady goes Empire...

*cough* Yes, I finished the dress. After killing the 60cm zipper, I threw the dress into the closet and never wanted to see it again!
But we are/were invited to two weddings this year, so I had to finish it after more than a half year. And I think, it doesn't look too bad. Sadly, I didn't already get the pictures from the couple, they took an the wedding, where you can see more of me in the dress, but here is a little teaser:

My at the coffeetable, speaking to someone.

From the front. I should have ironed it...

The brink you see under the neck line is only appearing on the dress form, I don't know why.

From the side, including the purse.

The pursehandel and the chain are mady by Prym, the border from the local fabric store and the fabric is a little rest of the fabric from the dress. I found the pattern in an old burda, lucky me. I really needed a noble purse to fit the dress, so why not make one by myself?

Thanks for your attention! *drops a curtsy*