Samstag, 22. September 2007

A little bit of my life...

...I'm so bad in writing topics :)

Not much to write, I'm alone at home because my honey has to work at the Oktoberfest (he is a police officer) and won't be back before 3am. Much time for reading blogs and knitting!

I finished the periwinkle beret today, its now laying to dry and I take some photos tomorrow. It turned out really gorgeous, I don't know if its the right thing for me. Maybe my sweetheart knows ;) Its made with Gedifra Sportlife (was on sale for 2€/50g at Karstadt Nuremberg), I used 1 and a half balls. I search for fitting mittens/fingerless gloves and a scarf. But first I have to finish the socks for my dad. The pattern on the cuff is boring me, I hope to finish them tonight. Gilmore Girls rule! Nothing is better for knitting (besides the lime&violet podcast).

Before beginning with the Rebecca sweater I'll have to finish the lattice cami (the rightmost one) that sits on the requiered needles. Did I mention that I hate the yarn it's knitted with? The Wolle Roedel Panda ist so $&/$%§"! It splits so much and there are so many cables and p2tog to do, I'll hate the cami. Maybe someone wants to have it?

I know, you all love pictures, I only have some of the piggies:

He loves digicams :)

Feeding the predators *lol*

Ok, on to the socks!

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