Montag, 17. September 2007

guinea piggies!!! *squee*

We are piggieparents! I waited so long to be a mom of a guinea pig and one more time, ist my sweet boy, who makes a dream come true. We own two dearest piggies! Jonathan und Sid. Jonathan (named after the frontman of the band Korn Jonathan Davies) is Markus' pig and mine is Sid. Yes, because of Ice Age :) They are still very little and fit in one hand. The coat is so soft! Both do have different characters, Jonathan is a beefpig and mutters a lot while Sid is more the hidingpig who creeps in every chink he finds. As we turn off the light in the evening there is more than one hour running in rounds and making noises :) I’ve written enough, here are the pics:



and both together:

Your piggiemom :)


  1. They are so adorable. I love piggies. (I just found your blog by browsing on blogger and I just had to say hi - the piggies made me do it.)

  2. They are so cute! guess you will know my blog now