Samstag, 3. November 2007

Sewing for knitting :)

I was very productive today. In the morning I thought I could sew something, the last time was long ago. So I cleaned the desk and put on the sewingmachine, wrote a pattern and here it is: a knitting needle roll for my downstream pal.

the front

the back with closure

opened and filled

there is enough space for a journal an needles

one more opened photo
The fabric is from Karstadt am Hauptbahnhof (was Hertie) in Munich, Germany.
The roll is about 55*13,5inch (55*34cm) big, closed 8,5*13,5inch (22*34cm).
I put in some needles to show the dimensions.
I hope, she'll like it :)


  1. that is great. I love it! No box yet. I think my postman ate it or something.

  2. your box arrived today! Thank you so much! I have wanted to try the Regia and the other is just so pretty