Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2008

It's time for an update :)

Hello knitters!
I finally got through my last exams and I hope these are the last for my life ;) So now, there is enough time for browsing all the pretty knitting sites and blogs and also for knitting and listening to podcasts. I'm not that good on writing in English, but I try my very best!

Here are some FOs from the time since my last post.

First I finished my Rebecca sweater. I loved to knit it, but it turned out too small for my boobs and has a way too large neckline. The arms are too big. I think, I'll put it in the frog pond. I'm so gutted about it, I never want to see it again. Bye bye sweater!

Next one is a sweet little hat for the goddaughter of my boyfriend. She was born on January 29th and we visited her on Sunday. I didn't finish the babyblanket yet and I really wanted to bring a gift, so this was done in one evening.


and a closer shot of the flower appliqué


I turned out too big for her, but she is very small so it'll fit a bit longer ;)

My new toy was brought to me by Santa aka beloved boyfriend and I don't want it to be scratched. I had some leftovers from my Column Of Leaves Hat and made a cozy:


and with the Nintendo DS lite

Now on to the WIPs!

My Column Of Leaves Scarf is waiting on the needles to be finished, it is now about 120cm/ 48" long


It'll be very pretty when blocked and finished!

I started with my Central Park Hoodie some days ago, I finished one arm and am now waiting for my Options cables, mine are too short to knit the fronts and the back in one piece.



I knitted it in the round, I hate seaming ;) (says the seamstress )
Again, the yarn is Malabrigo yarn worsted, purchased at Jürgen Weidner.

I ordered Kilcarra Aran Tweed via ebay, and this is what I got. I think it's the biggest skein I ever received:


250g of great Irish yarn. I ordered it for the Tweedy Vest (beware pdf!) I cast on last night. I need a vest for work.
This is the gauge swatch, thank God, it softened a bit after washing!


The ball was so huge, I never thought it would fit the winder:


Ah! I forgot! I joined Hat Attack! It's a kill or be killed by my knitting competition (similar to sock wars). I think, It'll be fun! I can use yarn from my stash, so it's ok.

Do you like yarn porn? I added some new colorways to my suffering collection yarns. Here you go:

colorway Gryffindor:


colorway Phoenix:


Kool-Aid is so much fun to dye with!
These are not for me, but for a friend. I'm not a Harry Potter fan ;)

OK, I think that's all I have for you today!

Happy knitting!


  1. Thanks for keeping me company today! Nice to see you after such a long time. And you've made me crave for Malabrigo. ;-p

  2. Your ball definetly beats mine.