Montag, 1. September 2008

A Hat and two scarfs

Hello again :)

I took some pictures the last weekend and want to show you, what I do in these days.

One more shot of my Isar scarf, now you can see the fringe:

Isar Scarf

And I have some WIPs:

The beautiful Koolhaas Hat for my Dads birthday, coming up on September 12th. I'm on the third pattern repeat, but I took the picture at the end of the ribbing section. More pictures with better weather (It's raining here like hell!).

Koolhaas Hat

Koolhaas Hat

Yes, its the soft and beautiful Malabrigo :) You know it from my CPnH.

For a friend of mine, I knit a Henry. The yarn is Regia Silk and soft as Regia wasn't expected to be *hehe* I think, he'll love it.



Thats all :) Have a nice evening!

Oh, and something I also want to share: I got my Diploma today! Whoohoo!


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