Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Singer Featherweight 221

Welcome with me our newest sewing machine family member: my Singer Featherweight 221-1


This is the most beautiful machine I have ever seen. I was lurking on ebay for over a month to find one in Europe to not have to pay customs and risk a damage on the transport.


As I saw the pictures I dearly fell in love with it. I never expected a Singer from 10th of December 1948 be in such a great condition. The goldwork is perfect and it has only little scratches on the flatbed.


The scrollworkplate is so much love! <3 <3 <3

I got it serviced the last two weeks and picked it up on Friday. Comment from the old guy at the store: "These are really not often seen in this shop, it works great and I know, your weekend is saved now!" :)
Yes, it is!
It sews like a dream, no matter if it is cotton or the thickest batting I had.


Best thing about the machine? She only costs me 120€ including postage from UK to Germany. This was more then luck. Featherweights in this condition are sold from 250€ and more!

It brought everything with it, as you can see in the picture:


The manual is also in very good condition and explains everything as it needs to be.


Happy sewing everybody!

Pattern weights / Schnittmustergewichte

What to do with scraps?
You know what? pattern weights :)

I found a tutorial online at "A spoonful of sugar"

For this I bought a Yoyomaker at my local quilt shop and started sewing them besides giving my family a call or waiting for the next map of L4D2 to load ;)

I used scraps of my cotton batting, 10Cents in 1Cent coins and put this all in the Yoyo. All I can say is: I love the pattern weights. These are also a nice present for any sewer.


Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

Finally - the birthday quilt

Recently I finished a long term wip: the hand quilted whole cloth quilt.

handquilted birthday quilt

It is 60x60cm (23 1/2 on 23 1/2 inch) square.
I put together the designs from the book of one of my most favourite quilters: Karen McTavish - Custom curves
The designs have been scanned, put together in photoshop and printed with the poster function. It worked out really well.
The marking was done with a water soluble pen because I really wantes to wash it after quilting.
Fabrics I used:
Kona cotton in white for the front and the back
Freudenberg 295 as batting
Kona cotton in fern for the binding
Valdani Hand Dyed Variegated 100% Mercerized Cotton Thread in "Explosion in Greens-M79"

First, I started hand quilting with a hoop how I learned it in my craftsy class "Hand quilting heirloom quilts" but my fingertips hurt and were nearly bleeding. So I left the quilt unnoticed in the box until I saw a video on youtube about hoopless quilting:

OMG! This goes so fast and no hurting fingertips! No handling of the large hoop and you don't really need a thimble.

So the quilt was finished like in no time and I gave it to my mom as a birthday present.

Now to the quilting pr0n:

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

The pouf <3

For hanging it up to the wall, my dad bought a stick and cut it to length to fit into the triangles in the corners on the backside. Sorry, no pics.
I will post pictures of the quilt hanging on the wall as soon as we will visit them end of may.

Edit: I just recognized that the online quilt festival has started :)
I enter the quilt in the hand quilted category.

Have a look on the site and let the inspiration flow!

I hope you enjoyed the pics,