Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

Finally - the birthday quilt

Recently I finished a long term wip: the hand quilted whole cloth quilt.

handquilted birthday quilt

It is 60x60cm (23 1/2 on 23 1/2 inch) square.
I put together the designs from the book of one of my most favourite quilters: Karen McTavish - Custom curves
The designs have been scanned, put together in photoshop and printed with the poster function. It worked out really well.
The marking was done with a water soluble pen because I really wantes to wash it after quilting.
Fabrics I used:
Kona cotton in white for the front and the back
Freudenberg 295 as batting
Kona cotton in fern for the binding
Valdani Hand Dyed Variegated 100% Mercerized Cotton Thread in "Explosion in Greens-M79"

First, I started hand quilting with a hoop how I learned it in my craftsy class "Hand quilting heirloom quilts" but my fingertips hurt and were nearly bleeding. So I left the quilt unnoticed in the box until I saw a video on youtube about hoopless quilting:

OMG! This goes so fast and no hurting fingertips! No handling of the large hoop and you don't really need a thimble.

So the quilt was finished like in no time and I gave it to my mom as a birthday present.

Now to the quilting pr0n:

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

handquilted birthday quilt

The pouf <3

For hanging it up to the wall, my dad bought a stick and cut it to length to fit into the triangles in the corners on the backside. Sorry, no pics.
I will post pictures of the quilt hanging on the wall as soon as we will visit them end of may.

Edit: I just recognized that the online quilt festival has started :)
I enter the quilt in the hand quilted category.

Have a look on the site and let the inspiration flow!

I hope you enjoyed the pics,


  1. Beautiful quilting! I'm sure your Mom likes it a lot!

  2. Very nice quilting ! I quilt in a hoop ( hand held ) but when I get to the edges I do it without...both methods are great.

    You have done lovely work :)

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous - beautiful work!

  4. Wow, I watched the video, and I tell you, I would NEVER survive that basting process !

    But obviously, you found a method that worked for you, because your hand-quilting is just beautiful ! Go and try something bigger've got to get that stitching onto a bed or a wall in YOUR house !

  5. Such beautiful, even stitches! You are so clever to be able to quilt without a hoop. If I try this I always get puckers on the back :-(

  6. such beautiful stitches! I didn't realise you were supposed to use a hoop for quilting.. I think I've been doing it wrong!

  7. Oh, Thalia, this is so beautiful! And represents such love with every stitch. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Such beautiful stitches! Glad you found a method that works for you.

  9. A wonderful piece, your quilt design is beautiful! I'm still waiting to make my whole cloth project. I love that you used the variegated thread, I did the same on my class project when I learned to hand quilt and always liked the result.