Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Chinese for beginners - or as I took the pictures as guide for the new phone holder

Last week, my final week of the holiday, my sewing mojo came back after the christmas presents sewing frenzy. I will blog about these later.

We bought new phones and they didn't fit all the holders I knit/crochet/sew until today.
So I had to sew a new one and this should also be a geeky one.

I know, I already used the pattern for the pillow cover, but I really love it and had some more orange leftovers from the pillow.

Searching on pinterest (my to sew list is even more longer ;) ) brought me to this rough pattern: Chinese smartphone holder

I measured my phone, converted it to inches, and sew.

Nananananananana Batman :D

Mr. Freeman would be proud of the covered button ;)

I used two layers of eco quilt batting inside, so the phone is really good protected.

Crowbars FTW!

4 Step Flagstone Quilt - FQ-Version

As I heared, that an aunt of mine is really serious sick, I had to sew a quilt for her. I really hope, it gives her comfort in these hard times.

I subscribed for the cotton + steel monthly fabric club and so I had enough fabric at home to sew one.

If you have a bunch of FQs, first address to head to is the moda bake shop.
This is where I found this really great pattern: 4-step flagstone quilt

So I picked a few from the stash and sorted them for the quilt.

This went together really fast as is quilted with my favorite pattern.

For the backing I chose a fabric from my LQS. More this 'n' that by Nancy Halvorsen Bernatex, LLC

The batting is the eco quilt batting from Freudenberg

For the binding I used the backing fabric for the first time and it worked out really well.

As she received it, she called me and was so happy :)

All the best wishes for her!