Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Are you wearing shorts on your head? Then it is "Schlüppisamstag"!

You don't know Schlüppisamstag? Then you don't watch hc_dizee streaming the latest games on twitch! It will be celebrated the third saturday every month.
I love to watch and listen to the gamers of bay pirates streaming cool games. It is so much fun and a really great and friendly community there.


Go watch the streamers!

Watch live video from hc_diZee on

Beards on my hot water bottle?

Yes! Because I sewed this for my Dad. And my Dad has a beard.

Because: If your Dad doesn't have a beard, then you have two moms! :D

Thanks to reaver_phoenix for showing me this :D
As I saw the fabric in an online store, I had to buy it but didn't know what to sew.
Then Christmas came and there was the idea.
The pattern I used is the same as for my cover last time.

Hot Water Bottle Cover II

Best fabric ever <3

Doctor Who pillow cover

My best friend is a big Doctor Who lover and so it is easy for me to find something to sew as a present.
So did I find a Paper Foundation Piecing pattern at craftsy and it is for free *whoot whoot*

For the pillow cover I had all I needed at home. This is how I  like to do things.

Doctor Who pillow cover

I am very sorry, that there is no pic with the inlet.

It is much loved, how it is supposed to be <3

Birthday quilt for my godmother - basic math quilt

For my godmothers birthday last year I made her a quilt.
I had a super cute layer cake of sew stitchy by aneela honey. Really a great theme, because my godmother is also a sewist :)

The pattern I used was the Basic Math Quilt by moda.

The top went together fast and easy, recommended especially for beginners.

Basic Math Quilt

I used a thick poly batting and a quite large quilting to have it super cuddly.

Basic Math Quilt

The backing fabric is matching with the front but not too much theme itself.

Basic Math Quilt

Quilted with the old Anker machine because my brother was serviced in those days.

Basic Math Quilt

Worked out really well and the quilt is so soft.

Basic Math Quilt

The label is printed by myself, personalized for her :)

Basic Math Quilt

Happy quilting!